My goal as an illustrator is to share ideas and help tell stories through my artwork. I have experience working on a variety of projects: I have created illustrations for several children’s books, various promotional campaigns, and t-shirts and other merchandise.
Over the years I have crafted a distinctive illustration style inspired by scratchboard images. I discovered the medium as a teenager and felt a natural affinity for it. It became my primary medium while earning my BFA in Graphic Design from Oklahoma State University. I also looked to woodcut and linocut prints for inspiration. During my freelance career I have developed a digital style that captures the spirit of those media while also offering greater flexibility and more creative possibilities.
As much as I appreciate working in my signature style, I always enjoy the opportunity to work in other styles too. I am able to work in a wide range of techniques: everything from simple vector icons to detailed ink drawings.
When I’m not drawing, I enjoy hiking, going for a run, or anything else that gives me a reason to go outdoors and explore the world around me.
How can I help you share your story or message? I would be glad to hear about any projects that could benefit from my illustration work.
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