My goal as an illustrator is to share ideas and to help tell stories through my artwork. As a child, drawing was always one of my favorite activities. When I discovered scratchboard as a teenager, I felt a natural affinity for the medium. There is something about carving away the darkness to reveal the highlights that appeals to me.
It became my primary medium while earning my BFA in Graphic Design from Oklahoma State University. I also looked to woodcut and linocut prints for inspiration. Over the years I’ve crafted a digital style that captures the spirit of those media while also offering greater flexibility and more creative possibilities. 
My work has been featured in several books for children and in advertising and promotional campaigns. When I’m not drawing, I enjoy hiking, going for a run, or anything else that gives me a reason to go outdoors and explore the world around me. 
I would be glad to hear about any projects you have that could benefit from my brand of illustration.
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